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Creativity and concrete form

From the first beginning production of buttons in mother-of-pearl, BAP has developed its own business widening its own manifacturing with natual materials such as horn and corozo. Today we also make use of other materials like urea, metal, polyester, bone, always ready to offer and show our customers new creative solutions.

Bap takes care of any details thanks to accessories like buckles, toggles and jeans labels, together with the investment on technological advanced machineries; therefore we could reach higher standard levels to personalize the requested products and guarantee such a quality like the handmade ones and considerable quantities according to the requests of an industrial production.

Always advanced

In an area linked to fashion, we have to react always at the soonest to catch any changement or new trends relying on a well-balanced mix of creativity, intuition and experience.

The whole result is due to a creative team inside the company that perform and achieves the ideas proposed by the different style offices of our customers.
The efficient understanding between the commercial and the production departments can get flexibility and timeliness to despatch samples and production’s items always with high quality standards.

The great variety of material used (urea, metal, polyester, horn, corozo, mother-of pearl, bone, leather and imitation leather) mixed with the various special working processes (varnishing, polishing, laser) offer endless combinations so that any article is finally unique.

Our collections:


Galalithe buttons

A raw ecological material derived from dairy product in such effects like Avoriolina, Tortoise, plain and velvet colours for haute couture, classic and sporting buttons.

Leather buttons

Toggles, labels, buttons and buckles in real leather or salpa can be handled in various ways and enriched with laser elaborations.

Wooden buttons

Olive tree, palisander, ebony, coco-palm, raffia, bamboo, any Nature’s nuances for casual and woman’s fashion.

Coconut buttons

A young and sporting material, from the white coconut you can get any colour. The natural coconut is suitable to laser personalizations that make it particularly witty and biting.

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